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Since its foundation  in the late 50’s, PESCACIAL has dedicated its activity to the food sector, first with the eel and the elver of the Guadalquivir river. Later other species were gradually added in aquaculture, such as sea bass and bream, becoming one of the references of this sector.

In the 1970s, we were pioneers in the capture, processing and marketing of the Red Swamp Crawfish (Procambarus clarkii), our main product, an industry that today constitutes one of the main sustainable activities in the natural environment of Doñana.

It was with the crawfish that our export vocation began. Profitability, innovation and growth are some of the multiple benefits that the export of our products has brought to us. Today our crawfish travel to numerous establishments in the US and Northern Europe.


More than 70 years of experience in the sector provide us with the knowledge and professional  capability to manage the needs of a dynamic sector in continuous change. Our entire team meets the capacity and qualifications required for this objective.


Casa Alta has facilities of 2500 m2, dedicated to the reception, production and storage of the different products that processes with the latest cold chain technologies. More than 20 tons of freshly caught live crawfish can be manufactured daily in cooked and frozen products,  in the different formats demanded by our customers. Customized packaging according to the marketing needs of our clients is available.


We take care of each step of our production process, analyzing every last detail and submitting ourselves to rigorous quality controls. Food safety is the main principle of our business



We are located in the surroundins of the Doñana Natural Park, an highly protected environment that is our crawfish natural hábitat.

At PESCACIAL we always keep in mind our environmental commitment with the maintenance of the ecosystem of our environment and the conservation of its natural resources, soil and landscapes. Today we still keep the wild and hand caught in the traditional way.